Severe spanking stories anal punishment

Patel asked her to step down from table. Sol told her she was a good girl and that he loved her as she cried against his shoulder. It was a horrid thing to do. I am going to spank your clit. Duplication of any kind is prohibited without consent. I have long been fascinated with spanking. He works over my hole until he can tease it open just a bit where it doesn't clamp all the way closed, but shows a small pouting open hole in the middle of the puckered opening.

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But Sir loves to tease my cock and balls almost daily through extended tease and denial play!

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Steffi’s Punishment – Part Seven

Sir would just leave me unfulfilled and tormented following each drawn out tease, the deep dull ball ache in the pit of my stomach was my punishment he would tell me for getting so close to cumming when he hadn't allowed me to have an orgasm just yet! Her father will press a hot stone to her anus while pinching her pusssy. Landon began to take my ass in a hard pounding rhythm that was uncomfortable at first, but soon I was pushing back to meet every demanding thrust. I remember this couple from the Castle. Each of Sol's slaps was followed by a little cry from Daphne. But the discomfort seemed to get worse and worse.

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severe spanking stories anal punishment
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severe spanking stories anal punishment
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