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Outdoor Woman Pissing Shaved Pussy. Girl Pissing Peeing Toilet Sex. The simple hedonism of a full bowel movement reminds us that the body is the ultimate seat of the soul. From this semi-squat position, the centuries-old seated toilet is transformed into something more primordial, like a hole in the ground. Free pooping shitting women girls video. Post Darwin, we no longer tend to believe a couple of hundred or thousand years of human ingenuity can improve upon the immemorial march of evolution. The renowned Mayo clinic is now conducting a randomised controlled trial to see whether the Squatty Potty can ease chronic constipation, which afflicts some 50 million Americans, most of them women, many over 45 years old.

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Your chair is killing you. The family that makes the Squatty Potty says this posture unfurls your colon and gives your faecal matter a clear run from your gut to the bowl, reducing bloating, constipation and the straining that causes haemorrhoids. Anglo toilets reflect a pragmatic medium: In three studies that were either uncontrolled or had very small sample sizes, there was evidence that squatting to defecate has positive effects on the ease and extent of elimination. On its descent through our bodies, faecal matter traverses a landscape marked by the poetry of the gastroenterologist: Untold millions suffer from haemorrhoids — in the US alone, some estimates run to million — and millions more have related conditions such as colonic inflammation.

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