Dating a retarded person

We're social animals; of course we notice status and power imbalances. And I stand by my opinion that it's sure as shit not the brother-in-law's place to be making this judgement call, although if it is an issue he could certainly bring it up with the woman in question. The Best TV Episodes. But, you should at least be honest, and let her know somehow that you disapprove, and why. Read through enough relationshipfilter questions around here and you'll see that lots and lots of allegedly neurotypical people have the emotional age of year-olds—they lie, they sneak around, they make unreasonable demands of those around them, etc. Dee Reynolds Danny DeVito Do you think she's exploiting this man simply because he's got a lower IQ?

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It will take up your precious time, wasting it with trivialities.

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Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person

I have no opinion on your question "Should I just get over it, or is this fundamentally wrong for her to do? Connections References Michael Jackson: I can understand your concern - the power differential between the two could potentially be very unbalanced - but you're not making a concrete case for that happening here. Trivia Dennis implies that only he went to elementary school with Dee's boyfriend, despite Dennis and Dee being twins. I have an uncle who has lived in a group home since his 20s schizophrenia and, while he's usually pretty doped up, I don't think of him as someone who can't understand consequences or make decisions. In the US typical nuclear family scheme of things, this is not your business. Unless she's asked for your help changing it, take a deep breath and a step back.

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dating a retarded person
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dating a retarded person
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