Get a facial piercing

I laughed until I did it, too. Body Piercing is a popular form of body art. I couldn't believe it. Taking proper care of any new piercing is important to avoid infections and ensure proper healing. KC Kate Corrigan Aug 4,

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I haven't gotten my nose pierced just yet, but I am getting it sometime this week.

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Body Piercing - So you are thinking of getting a piercing

Cheap piercers, point blank, are not safe. It didn't hurt at all to be honest. I hope when she gets her piercing done, she doesn't regret it but even if she does, it can still heal and close up. I had to treat it with diluted tea tree oil which worked greatbut it also meant that I had to wait that much longer for it to heal. Serious infection can occur if the piercing is not cared for properly. Your face might not be anatomically suited for certain piercings, and that just plain sucks. I've read a lot about this saline solution method for cleaning piercings but the very experienced piercer I went to told me to wash it once a day with antibacterial soap and then disinfect with bactine three times a day and that worked great for me.

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get a facial piercing
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get a facial piercing
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